Soodonims. Providing Free, Total Email Privacy

What is Soodonims?

Soodonims is a FREE email forwarding service which allows subscribers to send & receive emails without having to reveal their private, protected email address.

It performs this “magic” by allowing a user of the service to create and use Soodonims email aliases, in place of their protected address. The system is designed such that there is zero effort required to create new aliases, while still allowing the use of your current email inbox.

Although we have all the functionality of a disposable email or temporary email service, we view ourselves as much more. We are focused on email security; keeping your email secure, private and safe. Yes, we permit you to easily create and dispose of email addresses, but that’s just one feature of everything else we can do.

Soodonims has been fine tuned since we launched as a Disposable Email service, in 2008. Please see what we have to offer. We have grown up and transformed into a reliable, well rounded, email security offering.

Zero Click Creation

Create additional Alias addresses with zero effort, do it on the fly . Learn More.


Single Click Inactivations

Deleting or inactivating an abusive or unwanted Alias is a simple one click feature. Learn More

Two Level SPAM Control

In addition to your own SPAM filters, Soodonims will pre-filter your Soodonims email (and of course allow you to review and manage them). Learn More

Your Existing Inbox

Soodonims works with the email address and email client you have no. Nothing changes for you. Learn More

Email Addresses Aren't Just for Emails Anymore

If you’re a member of the internfet community, you have an email address. At least one address. This establishes our digital presence.

If you want to communicate with anyone via email, that’s your handle. No one else has the same one. It defines you and only you. 

But the email address is now so much more. Any service you want to sign up with, will request your email address. Even if you have no intention of developing a “relationship” with that entity, they want to know who you are. Give your personal identifier out to enough sites/people, and you can see how your privacy can become a thing of the past. Picture the file of information that can be assembled from all the sources who know your address. It would be vast and very personal.
Soodonims goal is to help you retain your web privacy. It enables you to stay anonymous. Additionally, using multiple aliases means no one has the ability to consolidate a complete picture of who you are.

Total privacy.

Our Readings

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Instant, Zero-Click Alias Addresses

What is meant by zero-click email addresses we say Soodonims is so good at? We are referring to the ability to create alias emails addresses that have never been used before, without ever telling the Soodonims service about it beforehand. It is...

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How to Register

Soodonims registration is fast and simple. We require just enough information to provide you with your alias addresses at your inbox destination. Also your name so we can communicate on a personal basis. First Name: As simple as that. Please provide at least 3 letters...

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Can I send an email?

Most Soodonims members will use the service to subscribe to a mailing or to hand out to third parties. Those Aliases are then used to forward emails to you, to your protected inbox. But what do you do when you want to send an email to someone? That is, you are...

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Manually Creating an Alias

Most of the time you will create new aliases, just by using them. That is, as you present a new alias to a signup group, say, the first time an email is sent to that new alias, it is created by the system automatically. No set up required. There are times, however,...

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Soodonims Login Page, the Alias List

This is the view that you are presented with, upon signing in to your account. The columns are defined as follows: Enable/Disable; This field allows you to disable the alias, or to enable it if it has already been disabled. The Alias status can be seen in the column...

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Soodonims Login Page, an Overview

When you login to Soodonims, you are presented with your personal user login page. This is where you set preferences, see alias history and generally manage your alias data. Across the top, starting at the left, you can see 5 menu items. Alias List. This is the view...

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New to Soodonims? Where to Start

The learning curve for any new web service can be daunting. We have put a lot of thought into the design of our service, to make it as intuitive as possible. We believe once you start, you will soon easily master all its features. So how to start? The Registration...

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What to Look for in a Disposable Email Address

Soodonims is not your only choice for a disposable email address if thats what you seek. There are dozens of them out there, each with their own unique twist and approach. Before you select one, here are some features that might be important to you. We will be adding...

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Soodonims is Back, What’s Changed?

Soodonims began its Disposable Email Service in 2008 and served its members for the following 8 years. The business model was simple... there was none. We offered it for free for 4 or 5 years and then realized operating and supporting thousands of users required...

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How Soodonims Works

Soodonims service is an email privacy servce as ell as a Dispoable Email Address service. We provide you with the ability to easily create new aias address that are associated with your private, protected address. The one you would rather not share with the internet...

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