One of the benefits of Soodonims, is that the emails you receive end up in your inbox, looking like all the other mail you receive.

So what happens when you get a troubling email, and you want to know which of your aliases was used to forward it to you?

In the first generation of Soodonims, we attached a small text file, that contained all the information of the original email header, before we forwarded it to you. It contained the alias address that you used to keep your private address hidden.The problem our users presented to us, was that it was buried in the text and not easily found.

There is now an additional option.

  • Login to your Soodonims account
  • Click My Account in top right corner
  • Use the Preferences tab
  • Uncheck the box marked “Request Original Header Info”

The Alias Address will now be included in your subject line rather than in an attached text file.