Soodonims is not your only choice for a disposable email address if thats what you seek. There are dozens of them out there, each with their own unique twist and approach. Before you select one, here are some features that might be important to you.

We will be adding more options s time allows, or based on your requests. If you are the administrator/owner of a Disposable Email address service and would like to be on this list, feel free to provide us the information we need to add you, and include any features we are missing.
If we have listed you, or if you are a user of one of the systems below, and we have erred in some fact, please let us know and we will correct it.

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 SoodonimsGuerilla Mail10 Minute MailMailinator33mail    
SoodonimsGuerilla Mail10 Minute MailMailinator33mail
Aliases active for as long as user decides
Uses your Private inbox
Mail created without need of special web site
Does not require data entry to create an address
Alias name of your choosing
Simple inactivation of alias
Black List of domains sending emails
Statistics on who sent, how often
Aliases last as long as you determine
Not Widely Blocked
Emails received, kept as long as required
Zero Click Address Creation
Allows replies and forwards
Allows attachments
Create new emails with an alias
Unlimited Bandwidth
Immediate access after signup