When you login to Soodonims, you are presented with your personal user login page. Some of the things you can do from here include setting preferences, viewing alias history and generally manage your alias data. Across the top, starting at the left, you can see 5 menu items.

    1. Alias List. This is the view that defaults when you open the console. From this page, you can.
      • View a list of all your alias addresses
      • Edit alias address parameters
      • View statistical usage data
      • Learn More.
    2. Create Alias. If you opt to manually create a new alias, it can be done here. Learn More.
    3. Alias Keys. This functionality makes it more difficult for anyone to create a new alias on your behalf. New aliases can be created on the fly, merely by sending an email to it. The alias key gives the addresses some formatting rules that are known only to you. Learn More

  1. Spam. Soodonim servers will perform a first level spam check on any email it forwards, both for your protection and ours. THis functionality allows you to review what we have filtered out, and to manage it. Learn More.
  2. Domain Lookup. This item allows you to view which domains have been sending emails to your aliases, and allows you to block them, or configure the aliases that forwarded them. Learn More.

At the top right of the screen, there is a “My Account” item that allows you set preferences for your account. Learn More.