Before an email is forwarded to your protected address, Soodonims performs a SPAM check on it. Any items that Soodonims deems to be SPAM, are filed in a SPAM folder within Soodonims (and not where you usually look for your SPAM).

These emails are viewable and manageable. To view the Soodonims SPAM folder,

  • Login to Soodonims
  • Click SPAM in the menu at the top left
  • Any SPAM Email information is listed there, with
    • From, the sender name
    • To, the alias address it was sent to
    • Subject of the email

No action is required if you choose not to keep these emails. They will be deleted automatically ten days after receipt.

If you do wish to keep them, they can easily be forwarded to your protected inbox. Select each email line you want to be forwarded, and then click the Forward button at the top of the list. They will be removed from Soodonims SPAM and sent off to your protected address.

NOTE: It is important to understand that this Soodonims SPAM filter is above and beyond the one you normally use in your protected address program. Once they are released from Soodonims SPAM folder, and sent to your protected address, they may again be filtered by your protected SPAM filter. So, if a forwarded SPAM does not show up in your inbox, it may very well be in your regular SPAM folder.