Soodonims began its Disposable Email Service in 2008 and served its members for the following 8 years. The business model was simple… there was none.

We offered it for free for 4 or 5 years and then realized operating and supporting thousands of users required staff, full-time staff. And staff required money. So, we add features and began charging for premium accounts.

We then realized that the internet is a big place, and it has its share of people who abuse what is good. To shore up and protect what we had was too big a job for our group, and so with 2 years notice, we slowly shut down.

That was not the end of it however. Our users told us they loved the service and to bring it back somehow. So we planned and talked for 12 months and are now ready to relaunch, but stronger and more securely. Here is what has changed

    • The product is under new management., a security consulting firm, showed interest in offering Soodonims to the public. Virtugard knows and understands security, and this was their primary priority.
    • New servers, faster and more secure
    • We are now SSL compliant and carry a SecurLock certificate
    • User interface has been reviewed and simplified
    • Virtugard assembled a dedicated development and support staff
    • There is a well thought out business model in place, centered around advertisements. We expect to generate enough revenue from these ads to help offset our expenses
    • Abuses from without, now have technical solutions. We have addressed weaknesses that previously caused a denial of service, that caused outages and abuse of our servers.
    • The system is now being monitored 24x7
    • We have a professional product manager in place with a documented roadmap and agile development plan

  • We have abandoned the policy of having new versions every 2 years or so. New features will be added continually. We will provide a log of these new features so you can see what has changed every time you check in