The learning curve for any new web service can be daunting.
We have put a lot of thought into the design of our service, to make it as intuitive as possible. We believe once you start, you will soon easily master all its features.
So how to start?
The Registration page is obviously a good place to begin. You will be asked to supply:

  1. Your name. That’s the easiest part for most
  2. Your private email address. This is the email address you already have, the one you want to keep private. All mail forwarded to your Soodonims account will end up with all their other mail for this address.
  3. An Alias Name. This will make up part of your alias address. It is used in every alias address you create, and so should identify you in some way (eg: Susan, funnyguy, chicagojoe etc). It needs to less than 20 characters, letters and number only.
  4. The Alias Domain. This is the domain that will be used for all alias addresses you create. Depending on our algorithms, you may be presented with a choice and allowed to pick one, or it may be selected for you.

After submission, you will receive the standard confirmation email.
The first time you login to Soodonims, a test alias address will be created with you and a test email sent to your inbox. This will highlight how an alias address is formatted. After the system sends your first Soodonims email, you can go back to your protected inbox and confirm that it has arrived. You should also at this point login to Soodonims and see the stats on your first email

And that’s it

Don’t forget you can always contact us for any questions.