To give you an idea of what new and exciting things you can do with Soodonims, we will keep a list of features that will be coming. If you have any questions about these items please feel free to contact us.

ID#TitleDescriptionTime Frame
1Read ConfirmationAbility to view in your login page, if and when a Soodonims mail was opened2018
2Email EncryptionEmail content will be encrypted to provide security and privacy2018
3SPAM PrefilterSPAM will be pre filtered before reaching your inbox. Adding the ability to view and manage it.2018
4Delete AliasThe often requested ability to delete aliases, in addition to the current inactivation2018
5Zero Click InactivateThe ability to inactivate an alias while viewing it in your own inbox2018
6BYODBring Your Own Domain. Ability to use your own, Soodonims provided alias domain.2018
7Mobile appUse your phone to view read notifications, initiate soodonims mail and more2018
8Multi-lingualAdding the ability to view the app in additional languages, beginning with French and Spanish2018