What is meant by zero-click email addresses we say Soodonims is so good at?

We are referring to the ability to create alias emails addresses that have never been used before, without ever telling the Soodonims service about it beforehand. It is the mere act of sending an email to an Alias Address you just invented, without any prior action on your part.

Imagine being asked for your email address in an offline situation:

  • An in-store request for an email address
  • Filling in a manual job application
  • A support call over the phone

Or even online in:

  • A new forum sign up
  • Purchasing from a new online vendor
  • Filling in an online application

With no time or access to a computer, you make one up, that fits the Soodonims rules. When the requesting party sends email to that Alias, without you doing anything, the system will create it and maintain. It is now available to receive an email anytime one is sent to it.

Here are the rules you need to remember for supplying a new Alias Address. There are 5 required parts and 2 optional ones.

  • Alias Name
    • Chosen by yourself at registration.
    • Used for every Alias Address you create
    • Always in the first position
  • A dot [.]
    • Separates Alias Name from Alias Descriptor
  • Alias Descriptor
    • This next part is chosen by you
    • It is typically something that describes the purpose of the Alias Address
      • BestBuy
      • WorkFriend
      • XYZOnlineForum
    • Up to 40 characters
    • No special characters and no spaces
    • This differentiates the new Alias Address from all others, so it must be unique if you want a new one created
  • Maximum Emails (OPTIONAL)
    • A [.] followed by a number from 1 – 999
    • This value can be changed on the Alias Detail page
    • If you would like all emails to cease being forward to you after a certain number, it is set here
  • Expiry Date (OPTIONAL)
    • A [.] followed by a number 999999 (MMDDYY)
    • After this date is past, the Alias Address will cease forwarding emails.
    • This date can be changed on the Alias Detail Page
  • @
    • An @ sign indicates the Domain portion follows
  • Alias Domain
    • This is the domain that was assigned to you at registration

The Alias Address will take the following format

  • [Alias Name].[Alias Descriptor][.999][.999999]@[Alias Domain]


  • Robert.BestBuy.3.123117@abc.com
    • expires after 3 receipts or Dec 31, 2017. Whichever is first.
  • Robert.BestBuy.013118@abc.com
    • expires after Dec 31, 2017.
  • Robert.BestBuy.15@abc.com
    • expires after 15 receipts
  • Robert.BestBuy@abc.com
    • No optional expiration rules