When an alias address has been compromised or is no longer useful, you have always had the option to disable it.

Disabling leaves the alias on file along with all of its history. Any email that arrives from this alias address is blocked, however, and will never be received into your inbox. Disabling is done from your user page, with a simple click on the alias line.

We are now adding (2017) an alias delete function as well, due to subscriber requests. The deletion function will have the same end effect as diabling, with the following differences:

  • All history will be deleted
  • All statistics will be deleted
  • The alias will not be displayed on your user page.

If you should decide to delete an alias, it can only be re-activated manually, using your personal login page. Should you hand that alias out to other people in the future, no mail will be received and no notices will be sent to you.

We ask you to be responsible web citizens and unsubscribe from the forwarding email list that sent it. Only because it’s the right thing to do.