Soodonims registration is fast and simple. We require just enough information to provide you with your alias addresses at your inbox destination. Also your name so we can communicate on a personal basis.

  • First Name: As simple as that. Please provide at least 3 letters
  • Last Name: Your last name, using at least 3 letters
  • Email Address to Protect: Soodonims exists so that you can protect your email address from exposure. Please enter the address that you want to be protected.
  • Password: A strong password is required, at least 6 characters long, letters and numbers with at least one special character
  • Alias Name: This is the first part of the Alias Address that you will be creating.
    • All your Alias addresses will begin with this Alias Name.
    • It can not be changed.
    • It must be no more than 20 characters
    • Letter and number only
  • Alias Domain. This is the last component of the Alias Address.
    • This is supplied by Soodonims


Once you accept the User Agreement (and convince us you are not a Robot), the following will occur:

  • You will receive a confirmation email in your protected inbox (the one you signed up with)
  • Once you accept from within this email, you will be taken to a web page with a link that allows you to access the system. If you choose to access the system now, you will be guided through a short wizard that will help you create your first Alias Address. Follow the instructions to create an Alias Address of the system’s choosing “myfirstalias” or one of your own creation (fill in the box with up to 30 characters).


The Alias Address is made up of 3 required parts and an optional parameter section discussed here. An Alias Adress can be created manually on the system, or just created in your head, then given to someone and it will be created when that person sends you mail.

Alias NAME:

  • This component of the alias address is the string created by a user that is specific to them and which uniquely identifies them.
  • It will be the first part of every Alias Address you create.
  • It is created by the user on the “My Account” tab in the User Console at signup.
  • Ex: adam


  • This required component of the alias address is arbitrarily created and may help the user associate a specific alias address to a specific use.
  • It will be the second part of every Alias Address you create and must be different for every Alias Address you create.
  • Ex: bestbuy


  • This component of the alias address is one of the domains owned by Soodonims.
  • It was selected or may have been assigned at registration
  • It is always the last part of every alias address
  • Ex: a soodonims domain . com