Soodonims service is an email privacy service as well as a Dispoable Email Address service.

We provide you with the ability to easily create new alias address that are associated with your private, protected address. The one you would rather not share with the internet community if you could do so. So how do you still receive email in your protected emal inbox without ever giving it to anyone.

Soodonims uses the concept of an Soodonims Alias, which you can create at will.

The address has 4 components:

  1. Alias Name: This is the name you choose at signup. It is used as the first part of all your Alias addresses.
  2. Alias Descriptor: This is a string of up to 40 letters or numbers, that makes this alias unique from any other you will or have created. It is typically chosen to indicate the purpose of the alias address
  3. Parameters. These are optional and may be left out.
    1. Maximum number of emails. If you enter this number (1-999) then the service will automatically disable this alias after that number is reached. No further emails will be forwarded to you for that alias.
    2. Expiry date: entered as 12312017, ie: month followed by day followed by year. No spaces allowed. Once this date has passed, no more emails will be forwarded to this alias address.
  4. The Alias Domain. Assigned at signup and to be used for all aliases you create

The following are examples from a typical account. This user elected to sign up to Soodonims to protect her email address melissa@gmail.ccc  and chose the SoodoName “golfer”. She was assigned the domain “” to be used with all her aliases.  Some of her aliases might be:


These aliases are used just as you might your regular email address. When an email is forwarded to you from facebook, or your bank or your new friend, for example, our service undertsands that this is really for melissa@gmail.ccc and sends it on there.

Should you reply to the email, we will send it out for you, shielding the protected address, and having the other party see only your alias.