Most Soodonims members will use the service to subscribe to a mailing or to hand out to third parties. Those Aliases are then used to forward emails to you, to your protected inbox.
But what do you do when you want to send an email to someone? That is, you are initiating the communication, and still want your email address protected.

Soodonims will allow you to do this, from the email inbox of your choice. Here is what you do:

  • One Time Only Setup: You must first select the Alias address you want to appear in the email when it is received by the third party.
    • Login to Soodonims
    • First Method. If you see a column with anĀ envelope symbol in it
      • Scroll through the Alias list and find the one you want to be used
      • On that line, click on the envelopeĀ so that it turns green.
    • Second Method, if no envelope column is present
      • Click My Account in the top right corner
      • Click Preferences
      • Click on the “Sending Alias” field
      • Scroll down and find the Alias you want to use and select it
  • Sending an Email:
    • In your inbox, if you have more than one email address, in the FROM field, select the one that you sign on to Soodonims with
    • Enter the TO address and append to it “” (see example below)
    • Complete as you would normally

You select Alias: [] as default Alias
If you want to send an email to [], you would enter the TO address as [] (without any brackets).

The receiving party will not see your protected address, and you can now safely reply to any of their messages.