Retailers who develop e-commerce solutions, know its a difficult task. It requires a level of testing far beyond that of an in-house solution. The system will be used by people with a wide range of computer skill sets and so needs to anticipate every possible user action.

The best approach is thoughtful development planning and a thorough, industrial strength testing phase.

A common testing problem is the need to create fresh new email addresses to use for each test cycle. The ideal scenario is to create new accounts and new orders using new sets of email addresses each time. There are tools available that will allow you to do this, and some IT groups will allow testing teams to easily generate new addresses. However, for smaller teas, this is not possible.

Soodonims is a great answer for such times. Simply set up a Soodonims account for each tester. Every testing iteration can have a different user sign up “community”. Because of Soodonim’s zero-click concept, absolutely no effort is required to do so. When the testing is done, there is nothing to delete or clean up. The accounts simply become dormant.

In fact, we see Soodonims being used for any testing requiring multiple, dedicated email addresses. It will make a difficult IT/QA job, much less taxing.