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Since our inception a few years ago, we have had a lot of valuable input from our user community. Many of these suggestions have found there way into this realease of the product.

Sometimes however we just get an email to thank us or congratulate us on our service. We especially thank these people, who took their time to send us a thumbs up, for no other reason than they appreciate what we have none.

Thanks again!

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Great Site, Great Service! Recently joined - I feel much better.

Biser M., East Sheen

I just wanted to let you know that I have been using your service for over a year and a half now and I absolutely love it! It is one of the best and most valuable services available anywhere on the Internet.

Brent Gray, Salt Lake City, UT

Thanks again, you guys are awesome!

K.M., New York, NY USA

Thanks for the great service.

L.C., Germany

Great service.

Laurence J, UK

I like Soodonims very much... thanks for your great service.

Oded, Tel-Aviv, Israel

I used to get really offensive spam — stuff that would make a longshoreman blush. About a month after I started using Soodonims, spam already decreased by 25%. Soodonims’ disposable email addresses, in combination with Bayesian filtering, has virtually eliminated all spam coming into my inbox.” In my experience so far, the spam filtering available on my Soodonims email addresses is equivalent to Gmail’s spam filtering.

Pat Acquaviva

I have nothing but the highest praise for the technical support I received from Soodonims. They are courteous, responsive, and keep you constantly up-to-date on your issue. A terrific experience.

Pat Acquaviva

WOW, I can not believe the speed and attention of your support team. Many , many thanks.

Stephen M., San Francisco, CA


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