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Soodonims allows multiple ways to control incoming mail. If you want to be in charge of what arrives in your inbox, learn about the many options available to you.

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Any Alias can be disposed of easily with a single click. However if you want to define a rule, it can be done automatically
Specify the maximum emails to be received by theis Alias Address
Specify the length of time it stays active. It can be set to a single day, up to any time period, including Life.
Specify the maximum number of senders who may use this Alias. For example, if you create an Alias for one specific site, you cold set the maximum to 1. In this case, any other domain sending you emails, will be rejected.

These values can be changed at any time. You can change the values for each Alias.
For those Aliases created on the fly, away from the computer, you can define these parameters as follows:
In this example, only 3 emails will be received.
In this example, the address will become inactive on April 18, 2012.
In this example, the Alias will be disabled after 5 receipts, or by April 12, 2012, which ever comes first.

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