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How it works

When registering at SoodoNims©, indicate the email address you want protected, and then create a master Alias Address, by choosing an Alias Name and an Alias Domain from one of the offered domains

For example, if you select, from the list, as an Alias Domain, and you decide on SarahK for an Alias Name, then the master Alias would be

That’s it! That’s all!. You are now ready to generate and use Alias Addresses. The next time you are asked for your email address by a non-trusted website, business or person, don’t give your protected address, give an alias address.

Merely use the master you registered, and insert into the master address an Alias ID (any set of characters you like) to create a unique one.

Say Sarah wants to sign up for a newsletter from Burlington Times web site. She could give them an email that looks something like:

  •, or
  •, or

Just be sure to separate the Alias Name from the Alias ID, by a “.” (period).

There is no need to go back and tell the system about what you have done. The first time The Burlington Times sends an email, SoodoNims© will intercept it, and forward it to your protected address.

Although you could have, there is no need for you to have ever told the system what you did. SoodoNims© creates that Alias automatically. (See FAQs for more on why you might enter it online before using it).

Of course SoodoNims© had better provide a way to stop the incoming emails if needed, otherwise what’s the point? There may come a time we no longer want to hear from The Burlington Times, any of their friends, or some third party who harvested the alias address in some underhanded way.

SoodoNims© offers multiple methods to control for how long you receive these mails, how many you receive and to limit who else might be using the Alias. That’s the power of SoodoNims© Please read more about the levels of control, or take 2 minutes to get started by Registering NOW.

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