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Sending new emails from Soodonims and forwarding and replies are all possible with Soodonims.

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Yes, Soodonims allows you to create disposable email addresses. However, it is more than just a disposable email system.
Never revealing your protected address, and always using an Alias allows you to change email providors at any time.
Say your protected address changes (change job, change ISP etc). Using the Pro or Ultimate version of Soodonims, you modify the Protected address, and then all your Alias Addresses will forward to that new protected address.

If you are an Ultimate account, you can have unlimited protected addresses to forward to. And you can specify those by Alias address if you which. Very flexible!

There will be times when you want to send an email to a user, rather than reply or forward one that was received. Soodonims allows you to use any email client, the one you are using today, to do just that. Based on your alias address and protected address, you enter the correctly formatted information in the To: position and your email address remains your secret (Note: Ultimate Version only).
Never lose any mails, and never bother informaing all your contacts of your new address.

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