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A glossary of the terms we use on the Sodonims web site, and in the application itself.

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Definitions - Terminology we use

Alias Address

This is simply another name for your regular email address. SoodoNims© Alias Addresses are easily created and disposable, making it virtually unnecessary to ever give out your real address again. Also referred to here as a Disposable Address.

Alias Domain

This is the domain portion of the Alias Address. You must choose one from the list SoodoNims© offers. This is your domain for the life of the Alias Address.

Alias ID

This is the portion of the Alias Address that changes to make the Address unique. Typically is meaningful in terms of its use.

As an example, Sarah uses “bookorder” as her Alias ID wne ordering from on online book seller, making her Alias Address

Alias Name

This is the name that identifies you to SoodoNims© as the owner of the Alias Address. It never changes and is a constant part of the Address. Sarah chose sarahk as her Alias Name, and her Addresses are of the form


A domain is simply the portion of any email address that follows the @. It helps identify the sender of an email.

Each Alias Address has a domain of course. Most of the time when we refer to a Domain, it is the Domain of the sender to your Alias Address. Think of Domain, or Sender Domain, as the party that is sending you the email.

In some cases, if the sender domain is say “”, you will not learn much as to who sent the email. Typically your sender domains will be more meaningful, as when it is say “” or “”

Protected Address

This is the email address you usually use, and the one which appears in your current email inbox. It is the one you want protected from Spam.

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