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True Cost of Spam

When we think of the cost of SPAM, energy resources are not the first thing that comes to mind. Certainly there is the human resource spent on reading, filing, and deleting it. And there is the lost productivity and business from IT departments fixing problems related to malicious SPAM. But what about the raw energy consumption being expended.

According to an article on Tech Blorge, and based on a study from McAfee, the  amount of computer power required to support SPAM is  mind boggling. A single SPAM email takes enough energy to move a car 3 feet. You realize the sheer mass of volume of SPAM, when you realize that that consumes enough power to drive a car around the globe… not once or twice, but 1.6 million times each year!

SPAM filters are doing a good job at reducing the energy consumption at the receiving end, but volume being sent accounts for the majority of waste. Filters and alias email addresses do help significantly with time saving and inbox security.

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