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Use Alias Email Addresses Responsibly

There continues to rage, a strong mutual dislike between forum administrators, and managers of disposable email addresses.

Many people are fearful that a forum will use their email address for malicious purposes, or will not respect the confidentiality of the address. These people will use a temporary, or disposable address to shield and protect themselves from some potential buse.

Forum administrators however, specifically those that are ethical, are troubled by this process, because their mailing list is of questionable accuracy. They waste time and resources sending out emails to those they think are legitimally interested in receiving them.

So it is easy to see both sides of this arguement.

Soodonims CAN be used as a disposable address, or as a PERMANENT alias to a protected address. We strongly encourage the responsible use of our alias addresses.

We  suggest that if you use Soodonims to sign up to a forum, and then do not wish to be a member, that you firstly try to unsubscribe. If the admin is legitimate, your mail will cease and the forum owner will no longer spin their wheels sending you content you will never receive. A win-win.

If the site is less than ethical, and after unsubscribing you still receive emails, at THAT time you can disable the alias email address via Soodonims control panel and be done with it!

Soodonims is a great way to control what’s in your inbox. But please, be fair and act responsibly!

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