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Surprising Source of SPAM – Sharing

Friday, June 3rd, 2011

By now, most people know where SPAM comes from. Signing up at questionable web sites, hacked data bases and careless use of your email address.
Very few people would ever consider that their friends are a potential source of junk and fraudulent email. Not intentionally of course.
We tell people all the time, if you want a clean inbox, protect your email identity the same way you would your S.I.N. NEVER give it out. Once you do, its in the public domain and anything can happen. Here are two scenarios.

Sharing leads to SPAM

Sharing - not always a good idea

1. Ever get chain mail? From a friend? No matter what the subject, they might end with “add your name and email to the end of this email, and forward it on”. I am not saying this is intentionally for SPAMMING purposes, but your address is not “out there” Everyone you reply to has it and there s no saying where this email is headed.
2. I am always very careful about entering a friends email address on a web site. Why would anyone?
Well, have you ever wanted to share a video, or article with a friend, and the site might ask you to enter your friends address? If you do, their address may have been compromised. And if not on that site, than another one from the same transaction.
I never do that to a friend. I will send it to myself, and once in my inbox, forward THAT to my friend. The email I give is naturally my Soodonims account.

How do you prevent others from respecting your address? You can’t. You might ask then never to put your name on an email list, but that may not work.
The only thing we have come up with, is using a Soodonims alias to communicate with your friends. Its not that you dont rust them, its that they just may not understand.


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