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Soodonims – What is our Purpose

When we conceived of Soodonims, the intention was to create a solution that allowed users to control their in-box. Simply put, if SPAM found its way in, the user could shut down the alias address, and be done with it. We, and others, saw ourselves as merely a SPAM blocking service.

Now, with this new release we now understand that Soodonims has a much bigger role to play.

1. Its a forwarding service. You can continue to use your current email addresses. The difficult work of routing mail behind the scenes, to your inbox, is transparent to you. It “just” arrives where it is supposed to.

2. Your email follows you where ever you go. Say you have your Soodonims mail going to your work address. When you change jobs, you simply change the protected address and your mail arrives at your new address. Al with a few key strokes

3. Want some mail sent to your personal account, some to work, others to a third address, and maybe yet some others to all three? Soodonims allows flexible setup to direct incoming mail where ever you want.

4. Going on vacation for a week and you want everything sent to a different account. Temporarily redirect to any other email address you own.

So even though you may think of Soodonims as a safe,”temporary” method of shielding your email address from the eyes of spammers, it is much, much more.

Try it and see.

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