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Feature Highlight – Sending a Soodonims email

Mailing Soodonims

Soodonims - Circa 1921

Soodonims was designed as a one way alias service.

That is, it protects your email address from those sending you mail. This works perfectly where you offer someone your Soodonims address (a web site, over the phone, etc) and Soodonims forwards that mail to your protected address.

One request we have heard from our members more than any other, is the ability to INITIATE the email. In other words, if I want to communicate via email with someone and want them to see only my alias, how do I SEND that mail.

Well up until the current version (Ultimate subscribers) , you could not. But now we have designed a way that you can send Soodonims protected mail from ANY mail client, on PC, MAC and mobile phones. Everything but smoke signals.
It is all in the way you format the senders address. This is best understood using an example.

Say you want to send an email to a company at the following address:

In the TO: field, you would enter – joe/

That is, replace the @ by /  and append “”.
In addition, the from field needs to be your Protected email address.

The email will reach Joe at his inbox, and the From, will be the alias that you have indicated to be the Soodonim associated with your protected address.

Simple and usable anywhere.

Questions? Feel free to use the contact form and let us know.


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