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Welcome to The New Soodonims!

We have been promising you a new Soodonims with a new feature set for some while. We have taken our time, listened to your requests, and are happy to announce that v2.0 is here.

The first thing you may notice is that we now have three versions of the service. There is still a free version, and two new advanced ones, that carry a minimal fee. I want to ensure all those that have an existing free service, nothing will change for you (other than the look). You will continue to have unlimitted access with your current account.

We were forced to consider a paid service for two reasons.

1. SPAM. The very reason we exist, to fight SPAM, is the primary reason we had to add a paid subscription. SPAMMERS were hiding, anonymously, behind our aliases, and sending out emails that were commercial and sometimes fraudulent in content. As such, the only free version we now offer will have limitted access. The paid services will force everyone to identify themselves in someway, and hence make it a less desireable vehicle for SPAM

2. The second reason was obviously one of cost. We have invested significantly in design, development, QA, security and hardware resources. With the subscription fees we have set up, we do not expect to recoup that money anytme soon, but hope to at least offset our ongoing expenses.

Once again, as existing users,we thank you for your support, and for your kind words and useful input. As potential new members, we look forward to providing you with the same email protection that we have provided for thousands of others over the last few years.

As always, we look forward to hearing from you with your ideas and comments.


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